The Recall feature is quite controversial Microsoft even withdrew launching this feature for Copilot+ devices and postponing it indefinitely.

However, despite this, Microsoft continues to strive to provide improvements to this feature, according to a leak from leaker Albacore via Toms Hardwarethere is a new improvement in Windows 11 Insider Canary Recall 26236.5000 where when pressing Win + Shift + D keys, it will launch tools The new Screenray allows users to quickly analyze what’s on the screen including getting translations, additional insights from Copilot, and more.

Additionally, the Recall home page has also got a new design with sections topics arranged in a grid list view.

So, unlike before, which instead opened a new snapshot/recent snapshot, now users can see certain topics according to what users often access and do on their system.

And apart from that, interestingly, now each snapshot will have its own tag which users can find in the Topic section, users can also apply special tags to the snapshot collection and filter search results based on application.

Apart from that, Recall also gets improvements in better Copilot integration which, as in the image above, when you click anything on a snapshot, it will automatically bring up a menu with various features, such as describing images, finding similar images, creating similar images, copying , and launch another application.

Well, all of these new capabilities are currently hidden in Windows Insider Canary. Microsoft of course plans to provide access to the Recall feature in the near future, but if you are interested you have to use a Copilot+ device to use this feature.

Via: Toms Hardware

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