Let’s discuss a little about Microsoft Windows’ rival, namely Mac from Apple, guys, where recently there was a new website introduced by Apple called “Help me choose” which is designed to help users find Mac devices that suit their needs.

So let’s explore more deeply. When visiting a page apple.com/mac/best-macwe will be given several question options including For what kind of use the user requires of the Mac device, whether it is work, study or other general things

Then follow-up questions according to the first question, for example, if you choose work then you will be given a choice of what kind of work you will do with the Mac.

And follow-up questions like where will you use the Mac, will you? fixed in one place, working around the house or often going out, and whether you will connect the device with additional accessories or not.

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Apart from that, Apple will also provide budget options which of course you can adjust to the contents of your wallet.

After you have filled in all the questions, Apple will suggest you buy a Mac device according to your needs.

The result of the questions I filled in was a MacBook Air 13″ with an M3 processor and 16 GB RAM, which is the most suitable if I want to buy a Mac device for my daily needs, whether it’s working or doing other general things.

A site like this is something that can help users make choices so that users don’t make a mistake in choosing their device, for example buying a Macbook Pro device with the highest variant but only using it for browsing, or doing super heavy editing work with a Macbook Air device with the lowest variant.

I quite like this step taken by Apple and of course I hope that several other brands can implement the same thing, especially if a brand has so many devices that it confuses users in their choices.

So what do you think about this Apple site? try commenting below guys.

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