Windows 11 has a feature called Windows Dynamic Lightinga feature that allows users to adjust RGB lights directly from the Windows 11 Settings page without having to use third-party applications.

Regarding this Windows Dynamic Lighting, a few months ago, new motherboards ASRock which supports the feature, while several other hardware such as HyperX, Logitech, and MSI are also developing and starting to release products with the same support.

Meanwhile, Asus has recently been reported to be testing the Windows Dynamic Lighting feature on motherboards with Intel and AMD processors, and according to a report from The Verge, Asus has now released BIOS software Beta version on motherboard AMD 600 And Intel 700 as the test.

The motherboards include the ROG CROSSHAIR/STRIX/PROART X670E and ROG MAXIMUS/STRIX Z790 which are currently quite widely sold on the market.

So, if you are currently using an X670E or Z790 Motherboard, you can try updating your Motherboard BIOS from the link listed above to start testing and getting support for the Windows Dynamic Lighting feature. But keep in mind that this BIOS version is still in testing (Beta) and may still need further refinement. All risks such as total death and other problems must also be considered.

For those of you who already have Windows Dynamic Lighting support, you can visit the page following to find out how to use the feature.

Does your device support Windows Dynamic Lighting? Comment below guys.

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