In the past few weeks, there has been a lot of discussion about the special government edition of Windows 11 called “Government Edition”, this version reportedly has “Zero Bloatware” or comes without most of the default applications, such as the Edge browser, Microsoft Defender, Paint, Clock, Camera, Media Player, and almost all other applications that we usually never use.

Apart from being present without bloatware, It is said that Windows 11 Government Edition comes without… telemetry tracking Of course, this news was very much liked by many users, so at that time there were quite a lot of users who tried to download and install the ISO file.

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But there is a bitter fact from this version guys, because the leaked ISO file is the result of engineering by a third party. In other words, the Windows 11 Government Editions that leaked to the public a few weeks ago are not Microsoft products and are Windows 11 Pro that have been modified by removing a number of applications such as Tiny11 that we know.

According to information from the investigation pivotman319 (via Windows Central), specifically, the fake Windows 11 Government Edition ISOs are based on Windows 11 Pro combined with some leftover Enterprise G edition packages that were recently discovered on Windows Update servers.

Well, “Enterprise G” itself is a Windows 10 edition that was announced in 2017 which is a special edition intended for the Chinese government. So, besides Windows 10 Enterprise G which is present in China, Microsoft does not make an Enterprise G version or other Government Editions, guys.

Microsoft Recommends Government Use Windows 11 Enterprise

Because it is feared that there will be a misunderstanding and that there are governments that use this ISO for their work devices with the intention of being safer and having less bloatware, of course Microsoft recommends that governments around the world use Windows 11 Enterprises which is specifically made by Microsoft.

So, to get maximum security, of course we are recommended to continue using the Official ISO file released directly by Microsoft, this is so that there are no additional applications outside of what Microsoft presents to minimize other security gaps.

Selecting the Official ISO file directly from Microsoft also ensures that we get the original version of the software and is not modified by other parties, so that security risks can be minimized as much as possible. In addition, by using the original version, we also get full access to official updates and support from Microsoft, which is also an important step in maintaining the security of our operating system.

Via : Windows Central

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