Microsoft Store has basically become better now by bringing quite a lot of apps that are not only pwa And uwp but there are Win32 apps too.

However, Microsoft Store app users may feel that there is one important shortcoming that should be added to this app, namely the search section on the App Library page in the Microsoft Store.

As in the image you can see above, there is no option to search for applications that have been installed or registered on the Library page, so of course we have to search for applications manually by… scrolling down the page.

But there's good news, guys, according to leaks from leaker @PhantomOfEarth. Xin Microsoft Store version 22406.1401.1.0, Microsoft started to introduce search form next to the button sort and filter.

An example is as in the image above, where there is search form We can search for applications by simply typing the name of the application that has been installed.

Interesting, isn't it? However, keep in mind that currently this feature is still part of A/B testing, in other words, it is still being released gradually for selected Windows Insider users only.

What do you think about the changes? try commenting below guys and give your opinion.

Via : @PhantomOfEarth / X

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