A few days ago reported that the Hacker who managed to hack and install ransomware lockbit 3.0 at the Temporary National Data Center located in Surabaya has promised to provide decryption keys free of charge.

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Well, just a few hours ago, Brain Chiper, the mastermind behind this ransomware problem, finally kept their promise by providing the decryption key for free.

So they explained the reason why they attacked the Temporary National Data Center 2 in Surabaya, namely because it is a high-tech infrastructure and requires large investment.

Why did we attack the date center? As you know, a data center is a high-tech industry that requires huge investments, and everyone who made this business should know this. 99 out of 100 such companies must pay if they find themselves in such a hopeless situation.
In this case, the attack was so easy that it took us very little time to unload the data and encrypt several thousand terabytes of information.

Brain Cipher also revealed that everyone who runs this business should know how hopeless the situation is. And what's interesting is that the hacker group said that the attempt to break into the Temporary National Data Center 2 Surabaya was very easy.

the attack was so easy that it took us very little time to unload the data and encrypt several thousand terabytes of information.

Hacker Keeps Promise

Well, one of the interesting things is that besides the fact that the PDNS hacking process is very easy, they certainly kept their promise and decided to provide the PDNS decryption key to the Indonesian Government for free. They also stated that this was the first and last time they provided the decryption key to the victim.

This is the first and last time a victim receives keys for free. For others-Welcome to the chat. We're not haggling.

Well, besides that, Brain Cipher also explained that their decision to provide the decryption key for PDNS affected by ransomware was taken without any pressure from other parties.

We independently made such a decision, this did not require the intervention of special services and law enforcement agencies.

On the other hand, unfortunately Deputy Minister of Communication and Information Nezar Patria was reluctant to comment on the Brain Cipher Hacker after attending an event in Jakarta on Wednesday afternoon (via KataData).

What Brain Chiper Hacker Revealed

There are several interesting things about the PDNS case that was hit by ransomware, including:

  1. It didn't take long for hackers to enter and lock the data in the entire PDNS 2 Surabaya system.
  2. It turns out that the National Data Center does not have a backup due to lack of funds.
  3. The government ultimately failed to confront ransomware and resigned itself to data loss.

Anything else? Try commenting below guys.

Should the Government Accept These Decryption Keys?

Maybe this is a question that honestly makes me curious too, if the government does not take the decryption key, then the services that are still constrained will take quite a long time until the data is fully recovered, besides that there are more than 210 agencies that will certainly lose most of their data, especially if there is no backup.

However, apart from the fear that there is a backdoor or other malware that is actually inserted by hackers into the decryption key, the sad fact is that if the government takes this key, the government's self-respect will seem to disappear.

So is the government willing to throw away its pride by using the decryption key for free for the sake of returning the data of all Indonesian people with all the risks, or are they still resigned to losing several thousand terabytes of data?

The answer lies only with the government, we as the people of Indonesia are only able to comment and are unable to make any decisions. But what do you think?

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