Unlike Microsoft Edge on Desktop, Microsoft Edge for Android has one hidden feature, namely “Developer Options” which contains a number of things such as sign in test, news feed url and so on. Even in Microsoft Edge for Android version 128 which is currently in the Canary release, users can install Extension by ID.

But where is this Developer Options option?, how to activate it? Well, regarding this matter, WinPoin reveals How to Activate Developer Options in Microsoft Edge for Android.

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Step 1. First make sure you are using the latest Microsoft Edge for Android.

Step 2. On the Edge Settings > About Microsoft Edge page, please press the build number that I marked as in the image above.

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This step is more or less the same as how you enable Developer Options on Android.

Step 3. After that, please return to the Edge Settings page. Now right under the options About Microsoft Edge you will find a new option namely Developer Options.

Well, it's really easy, isn't it? Please try it guys. On that page you can find many other things that might be useful for those of you who like to explore something.

Hopefully this article is useful. Thank you.

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