A few months ago Microsoft started introduce new feature they call it super drag and drop in Microsoft Edge Chromium. For how it works, this feature is pretty good, where if we drag a link, the link will immediately open as a new tab in Microsoft Edge.

In addition to dragging a link to open a new tab, dragging a word/phrase will also open a new tab that will direct you to the Bing Search page.

For Microsoft Edge users, this feature is definitely recommended because we can easily search for something or open a link by simply dragging it. However, it should be noted that unfortunately this feature has not been launched by default for users, where we have to activate it via experimental flag.

However, to activate it is quite easy, and here WinPoin summarizes the steps briefly.

Step 1. First make sure you are using Microsoft Edge 125 or later.

Step 2. Next, please activate it experimental flag following.


Then restart the Microsoft Edge browser you are using.

Step 3. Next, please go to the Edge Settings > Appearance > Super Drag and Drop page, and activate the option Enable Super Drag and Drop as in the picture below.

In section Configure Super Drag and Drop, You can also set Search mode and Open Mode, including using the default search engine that you use.

In other words, we can use Google Search Engine or others to search for phrases/words by simply pulling them. Isn't that great?

After you have set everything, now you can use the Super drag and drop feature, and in my opinion, this feature will be very useful, especially if you are a touchpad user, considering that it will make it easier for us to open a new tab either from a link or do a search for a particular word.

So please try it guys.

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