As stated in New Features in Windows 11 24H2the new version brings a feature called Windows Protected Print Mode, which is a universal modern print stack (driver) which allows users to connect printers without need third-party software.

Well based on explanation Microsoft, the idea of ​​this feature itself is to increase security and make the printer work plug and play or PNP without any additional software, guys. And please note that if you activate this feature, the system will automatically delete printers that are not compatible with this feature.

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So, in other words, only compatible printers support this feature, where only printers have certification mopria only those who support it. To check whether your printer is supported, you can check directly on the page following.

So how do you activate Windows Protected Print Mode? Here WinPoin summarizes the brief steps.

Step 1. First, make sure you are using Windows 11 24H2 or later.

Step 2. Next, please go to the Settings page? Bluetooth & devices > Printers & scanners.

Step 3. Next, please click the button Set Up to set “Windows Protected Print Mode”.

Step 4. Next click the button Yes, continue. Please note, all incompatible printers will be removed from the device.

After the button Yes, continue you press, then you can now use the printer with Windows Protected Print Mode.

Does your printer support this feature? Comment below guys, and just to let you know that the Epson L210 that I use unfortunately doesn’t support this feature.

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