What is ShopeePay? electronic wallet Output E-commerce Shopee already has many users. To maintain e-wallet security, ShopeePay requires users to enter a PIN every time they make a transaction.

However, you can deactivate your ShopeePay if you enter the wrong PIN 11 times within 5 minutes. If that happens, You won't be able to do it. ShopeePay transfer money to bank To other financial activities, the application will be disabled for 30 minutes until you make the change.

But you don't have to worry! There are several ways to deal with a disabled ShopeePay. How? Let's take a look at all the steps in the article below!

1. Change ShopeePay PIN in Settings

ShopeePay is The best e-wallet application Allows you to edit disabled accounts through settings. You can follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Shopee app, then go to the ShopeePay page on the home page.
  2. Then select the ⚙️ icon, which is “ShopeePay Settings”. This icon is located at the top right corner.
  3. Then select the “PIN & Biometric Authentication” menu.
  4. After that, click on the “Change ShopeePay PIN” option and then click “Re-enable”;
  5. You will see an application form that needs to be completed to recover your disabled ShopeePay account.

Information that must be prepared in filling out the form includes:

  • Shopee Username;
  • Screenshot of the “Me” page
  • Email address where you can be contacted;
  • number mobile phone Registered in Shopee account;
  • Screenshot of the ShopeePay account deactivation notification received
  • Reasons for changing ShopeePay PIN

2. Contact Shopee Customer Service.

The above methods can be done if you are not in a hurry to use ShopeePay. However, if you want to access ShopeePay immediately, you can contact Customer service (CS) at number 1500702 In addition to using the phone number, it is recommended to visit the official CS Shopee website.

Here are the steps to contact us: Customer Service Shopee to reactivate your ShopeePay account:

  1. First, go to Shopee's official customer service page;
  2. You will then be asked the question “Are you a buyer, seller or driver?”;
  3. Place a check mark according to your status in the available options.
  4. Then enter the active email address registered with your Shopee account.
  5. Describe the problem encountered in the complaint box provided.
  6. You can then include additional information to support it, such as the information described in the previous step.

3. Contact Shopee Help Center.

The next way to deal with ShopeePay disability is to contact Shopee Help Center. How? Let's see the steps in the description below:

  1. First, go to the Shopee Help Center website. From there, you will see various restriction options to choose from, such as:
  2. If it is related to your ShopeePay account, you can click on the option. “Payment”
  3. Then click on the “ShopeePay” menu on the left.
  4. The next page will display the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions and Answers) that you can search according to your needs.
  5. After that, Shopee's Help Center will provide answers to your needs and you can take action immediately.

Here's how to deal with ShopeePay being disabled. Make sure you don't provide incorrect information or reset your PIN. OK? Good luck!

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