As we already know, through the Windows 11 22H2 update, Microsoft started introducing a new File Explorer with several important changes including the presence of Tabs in File Explorer and a new, more modern Detail Pane.

This new File Explorer is indeed very modern and is starting to leave behind the old style that has existed since the Windows 10 era, but unfortunately there are quite a lot of users who feel that this File Explorer is not any better, especially after the information that… This file explorer feels slower than the old one.

For the simple method, we have explained that we can actually still run and use the old File Explorer on Windows 11 (even version 24H2) with a trick that you can read on the page following.

Old File Explorer in Windows 11 24H2

So, in other words we can say that this old File Explorer is actually still in the system and we can reactivate it guys. And regarding that, recently a German blogger reveals an interesting trick for us to try, namely restoring the old File Explorer permanently in the latest Windows 11.

So what are the steps? WinPoin summarizes the steps briefly below.

Step 1. First, please download the registry file package following.

Step 2. Next, please extract the file you just downloaded, in it there are two registry files, one for restore old file explorer, one more for restore new file explorer.

Step 3. To bring back the old File Explorer which is the tabless version and without the modern changes that come in Windows 11 22H2, you can open and merge registry file named “old Explorer”.

Step 4. After that, please restart the system you are using.

Once completed, the File Explorer installed on the system will now open the old File Explorer as shown in the following image.

In addition to having better performance and fewer bugs, this old File Explorer has a solution to a problem that is being widely discussed in the latest Windows 11, namely absence Drag and Drop feature in the Address bar. Where in the old version of File Explorer, of course the feature is available for us to use guys.

How to Restore New File Explorer

If you want to restore what we did before and want to use the new File Explorer again, you can merge registry file with the name “New File Explorer”, then restart the system you are using.

Basically, this Registry File changes the following registry components and some other registry keys to make the old File Explorer the default File Explorer in Windows 11.


This method may continue to be applicable if Microsoft still presents the old File Explorer as a Control Panel component in Windows 11, if everything has been overhauled in the future, of course this method may not apply again.

Please try it guys, hopefully it's useful.

Reference : DeskModder

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