It's been quite busy for the past few weeks under discussion a bug that occurs in Onedrive Windows 11, where when users share a folder in OneDrive, instead of being shared as a regular folder, it will be shared as a URL Link in File Explorer.

So, when you click on the folder, it will redirect you to a web browser and will open the web version of OneDrive. Well, because of quite a lot of reports from users, Microsoft has finally updated the report page and confirmed the issue.

Some OneDrive users may see Shared Folders displayed as URL links in the OneDrive sync client and apps.

OneDrive engineering is working on this issue and URL links will convert back to display as folders once it is resolved. In the meantime, log in to your account at anytime to access your shared folders.

Additionally, despite the folder appearing as a link in File Explorer, many users can't even sync it which is definitely a problem.

So why does this problem occur? According to several users on the Microsoft Answer page, they blame the KB5037853 / Cumulative Update from May 2024 yesterday, where they argue that after updating the system with this update they actually found the OneDrive problem.

However, unfortunately not all users have this problem including me and some other Windows 11 users I know, but do you also have this problem? Comment below guys.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has just confirmed the issue and they are working on a fix to change the Link URL back to a regular folder. And for now, for those of you who are experiencing this issue, you can just visit the page to directly access the folders you or your friends have shared.

Via : Microsoft

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