Yesterday Mozilla released an update for Firefox, where through version 127 there are a number of new features and improvements which are certainly useful for users.

Well in short, Firefox 127 includes a new option to close duplicate tabs from the list of all tabs, then HTTPS is now force-enabled for images, audio, and video embedded over HTTP with the intention of improving security, and a few changes user agent on 32-bit devices.

Apart from that, specifically for Firefox on Windows, this application now supports preloading which is similar to Edge, where it will run in the background for an instant application opening process when the user needs it. Great, right?

So from all that, there is an improvement that I like from Firefox 127, namely preloading which will make Firefox open instantly, with this option Firefox will automatically run when Windows first starts, and when we open Firefox, it will open instantly just like Microsoft Edge Chromium.

Apart from that, another improvement that I like is the presence of a “V” menu option in the list of all tabs in the Firefox window, with which we can clearly see whether there are tab duplicate or not.

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In my opinion, these two improvements are quite useful, especially if you are an active Mozilla Firefox user because apart from now application startup process it will be faster, we can also organize and see whether there are duplicate tabs or not with the “V” menu like in Chrome or Edge.

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So are there any other improvements you like in Firefox 127? Comment below guys.

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