Brain Chiper, the hacker and mastermind behind the ransomware attack on the National Data Center which resulted in the data of at least 210 agencies being locked, has recently reportedly apologized and promised that on Wednesday, July 3, 2024, all encrypted data will be released for free.

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In his post, Brain Chiper apologized to all Indonesian people for the impact that had occurred on the PDN which accommodates millions of data from all over the community.

The attack has paralyzed a number of public services, with data from 282 ministries/institutions (KL) affected by the attack, and although previously, hackers were reported to have demanded a ransom of US$8 million or Rp. 131 billion, it seems that no steps will be taken by the government.

They also said that this attack could make the government aware of how important it is to budget for the tech industry and recruit highly qualified people.

In his post, Bran Chiper also left a monero wallet for donations in case there are Indonesian people who want to pay them as a form of gratitude for providing the country's encryption data for free.

The Action of a Hero!

Honestly, as an Indonesian citizen I am unable to say anything, a person hacker who have locked a country's data, have made public statements and apologized, and they will even provide the encryption key for free.

I think this action is very cool, because until now none The government apologized to the Indonesian people for being negligent or less careful in securing data and it was actually the hackers who did this without being asked.

However, Of course, this is something we must pay attention to again, whether the encryption key that will be provided actually contains other ransomware or a backdoor that will open up other security holes like trojan horse like in the movie troy, or they will act as heroes.

What do you think? Comment below guys. And for the next one, let's wait for the next news tomorrow!

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