Several months ago we received information that Windows 11 Will Get Super Resolution Feature where this feature will use AI to create games which is supported to play more smoothly with enhanced details, and not just games, maybe other applications will also be supported by this feature.

This feature itself will reportedly be available in Windows 11 24H2 which is planned to be released this year, but friends, there is new information where this feature seems to be a feature exclusive for Snapdragon X Elite device users.

Auto super resolution (Auto SR) seamlessly integrates with Windows to automatically increase the frame rates of existing games in real-time while also providing detailed visuals on screen, offering a balance that exceeds what your PC hardware can achieve on its own. At initial launch, this feature will be exclusive to Copilot+ PCs equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon®

via Microsoft

In other words, Copilot+ PC devices will get this feature exclusively, even if the device is powered by Snapdragon X Elite and not the X Plus version.

The reason may be because this feature requires extra energy to achieve frames higher and better fidelity.

So if you want to try all the features available in Windows in the future, you have to buy a Copilot+ device with the highest processor series, namely Snapdragon X Elite. But will that change in the future? Intel will also present Intel Lunar Lake that will be Intel's First Copilot+ PC Processor?, unfortunately it cannot be confirmed yet whether this will truly be exclusive to the Snapdragon X Elite, or whether there will be additional changes later.

So what do you think? Will the Automatic Super Resolution feature be useful? considering that the support for games and applications in Windows 11 on ARM is currently still said to be quite limited (although there is already a lot), comment below, guys.

Via: Microsoft

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