The process of building a house is over, and now it's time to fill your house with the necessary furniture. Although it may seem trivial, it turns out that buying the necessary things for a new home costs quite a lot of money. You know! In fact, few people do it. Over budget Even though it costs a lot of money to buy and build a house,

So to avoid having the same experience, the following article will introduce some tips for adding an extension to your new home. Over budget– How? Let's take a look at the ideal tips for conversation below!

1. Determine the type of furniture you want.

The first tip for home renovation is to first consider what kind of furniture you will buy and what you will need. Make sure you have a priority list to determine what kind of needs you will need to buy, okay?

The goal is that primary needs in the home must be met above other tertiary needs. A variety of primary furniture is required, such as beds, tables, chairs, lighting fixtures, kitchen appliances, bathroom accessories, etc.

Prioritize these needs so your home is immediately occupied. This step is especially important for those who are building a home from scratch or are not purchasing from a developer. (Developer

Sure, is your house still empty? Fully furnished– Therefore, it is important to prioritize the needs so that they do not occur. Over budget

2. Create a budget

Tips for adding an extension to your home without being too noticeable Over budget The most important thing is to budget your expenses. There is no denying that the prices of household items are very expensive, especially if you want to buy certain brands of products.

Therefore, you need to adjust your budgeting capabilities to meet the main requirements that need to be met. You can create a budget with a rough idea of ​​the prices of goods in the market.

This budget also needs to be adjusted to fit the size of your home and the number of rooms. Now let’s take a look at the approximate cost of adding a living room to your new home. Pay attention to the table below:

Item Name price
sofa 4,000,000.00 rupiah
Coffee table 1,500,000.00 rupiah
TV stand or table 1,500,000.00 rupiah
Decorations (wall clocks, paintings, etc.) 500,000.00 rupiah
Light (lamp) 200,000.00 rupiah
television 5,000,000.00 Indonesian Rupiah
Total estimated costs 12,700,000.00 rupiah

Of course, the estimated costs above will be adjusted to suit your needs. The costs shown are also based on general market price research and do not include promotions, discounts or other offers.

It’s also important to note that this cost budgeting process must be done in conjunction with the purchase or construction of a home. Okay! The goal is to get you to your savings as quickly as possible so you can meet your primary needs. Not only that, but you’ll also have the opportunity to have an emergency fund if you need it.

3. Explore the prices of furniture and household items in various stores and Online platform

After preparing your cost budget, you need to conduct a price survey of each required product at different locations. The purpose of this survey is to compare stores that sell similar products at affordable prices while maintaining good quality.

You can also consider buying furniture online. online In addition to time efficiency, the products in the store online Often offers very affordable prices with many interesting offers from stores or Ecommerce platform

In other words, this price survey prioritizes your expertise and diligence in finding the best price for your product.

Tips for adding an extension to your home without being too noticeable Over budget It is highly recommended to buy homeware during promotions or discounts. Of course, there are many brands of home furniture products that offer attractive prices for you to choose from.

You can buy furniture when Sell ​​on payday (Payday discount every 25th day), Harbolnas, Double Date and Events Others from some brands, this opportunity should be used to the fullest to reduce excessive spending and possibly even possible. Cashback

5. Consider buying second-hand products (Second hand

Who says cheap second-hand goods are bad quality? In fact, you should consider buying second-hand goods as a tip for filling your home so that you don’t do the same thing. Over budget

Why is that? The reason is that you can definitely get used goods for sale at a price as low as or lower than the new purchase price. This will significantly reduce the budget cost so that it can be allocated to other needs.

Also, not all second-hand goods are of poor quality. Okay! Of course, you play an important role in the process of choosing and buying used goods. You have to be careful and cautious so that the goods you buy will still work well and are suitable for use for a period of time.

Suggestions for used items that can be purchased for a housewarming include electronic items such as refrigerators and TVs. microwaveAir conditioners and others It cannot be denied that electronic products are very expensive if you have to buy new ones.

6. Focus on product quality and durability.

Finally, the preparation of items in the house must be of good quality in order to be used for a long time. In addition to letting the items be used for a certain period of time, the maintenance costs incurred are not too expensive.

In other words, you won’t have to buy a similar new product in the near future or spend extra money on repairs. Here are some tips for a new home addition to avoid that. Over budget– Don't forget to buy household furniture according to your needs, okay?

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