Do you want to find large files? Actually, doing it is not difficult, guys, besides we can do it Searching for files of any size with PowerShell we actually can Use PC Manager Also.

However, for those of you who don't want to bother entering commands in powershell or download the PC Manager application because it seems bloated really, actually the new File Explorer in Windows 11 already has this feature filter which we can take advantage of.

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For those of you who are still using Windows 10 or the old File Explorer in Windows 11, you can use the following tips and steps: How to Search for Large Files in Windows 10

Tips for Finding Large Files in Windows 11

To search for large files in Windows 11 File Explorer, first we can enter the * sign in the File Explorer search section.

Next, please click Search options which will appear in the section toolbox, there you can choose Size > and please filter according to the file size that you will find.

As in the image above, you can search for files ranging in size from 0 KB to more than 4 GB, all of which will be automatically filtered by File Explorer.

However, if none of the filter options above meet your criteria, you can manually enter the file size you want to find, for example if you want to search for files larger than 2 GB, then in the search column in File Explorer you can enter size:>2000mb.

You can adjust the manual filter conditions, for example, if you want to search for files between 500-1GB in size, you can write it like this ” size:>500MB“.

You can also enter MB, GB or TB according to your needs, so please explore and use it guys.

So, actually searching for files with a certain size in the new Windows 11 File Explorer is not difficult, as long as the storage we use is fast enough, the search results will not take too long.

Please try it guys, hopefully it's useful.

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