WhatsApp Desktop on Windows and Mac has indeed received many improvements including support video call And audio, to support screenshare which is certainly useful for users.

However, it should be remembered that previously video calling support on WhatsApp itself had differences between Desktop and Mobile Apps users, where on Smartphones we could make video calls to up to 32 users, while on Desktops, both Windows and Mac, users could only make calls with 8 users.

However, starting from the upcoming update, WhatsApp has increased the participant limit for video calls where now users can make video calls with a maximum of 32 participants on all platforms, both desktop and smartphone, so users who want to conduct online meetings via WhatsApp can now be more flexible. with a wide screen size via WhatsApp Desktop.

So apart from that, WhatsApp has also added a new feature, namely “Speaker Spotlight”, where this feature will automatically highlight the person speaking in a video call and place them at the first part of the screen. Then on screensharing Now users can share the screen with audio support so that participants can watch the media being played without losing the audio.

Steady improvement, right? Of course, with this improvement WhatsApp has become a communication medium that can work to replace Meets, Zoom and other services.

There is Improved Audio and Video Quality

Apart from that, WhatsAPp has also now launched codecs MLoow which increases the reliability of calls, with which the video and audio quality will be improved and will be even better with it noise and echo cancellation so users don’t need to worry about background conditions that are a little noisy.

So, all of these improvements will now be gradually released for WhatsApp Desktop users, so make sure you have updated your WhatsApp application to the latest version, whether on Windows or Mac.

Via: WhatsApp

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