The Snapdragon X-powered Copilot+ device does have better performance and battery life compared to the typical x64 device. Unfortunately, Windows 11 on ARM running on the Copilot+ device still seems to have limitations, as confirmed by Microsoft in support documents officially.

According to Microsoftthere are at least six known limitations of Windows 11 on ARM running on Copilot+ PCs, ranging from driver compatibility that is not as good as Windows 11 x64, application compatibility that needs to be improved, and the presence of issues anti-cheat in games, the Fax and Scan feature is not available and some third-party antiviruses may not work properly.

Inherent Limitations of Windows on ARM

While this limitation is better compared to Windows 10 on ARM, it can be quite confusing for users if they decide to switch to a Copilot+ device, especially as some hardware may not work due to a lack of driver compatibility.

Here are some of the limitations that exist in Windows on ARM quoted from the Microsoft page.

Features Windows 10 ARM Windows 11 24H2 ARM
Driver Compatibility Requires ARM64 drivers Requires ARM64 drivers
App Compatibility No 64-bit (x64) apps Improved, but still requires ARM64/x86/Arm32
Game Compatibility No OpenGL > 1.1, anti-cheat issues Anti-cheat issues, check compatibility
Windows Customization Apps Possible issues Possible issues
Third-party Antivirus Limited compatibility Limited compatibility
Built-in Security Windows Security available Windows Security available
Windows Fax and Scan Not available Not available

Copilot+ Users Must Be Ready!

If you decide to purchase and use the Copilot+ device as daily driver, Of course, you have to be prepared for all the limitations that exist today.

One thing that might be quite annoying is that support for a number of hardware will be quite limited, especially for hardware that is quite old.

In addition, some third-party antiviruses will also be very limited because most of them are not yet available in the Windows on ARM version, the solution is that you can rely on Windows Defender.

But of course in the future, some of these limitations will start to be narrowed, one of which is application support which is now more numerous when compared to Windows 10 on ARM. So, are you ready to switch to a Copilot+ device with Windows 11 on ARM? Comment below guys.

Via : Microsoft, Windows Latest

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