Now, WhatsApp has integrated a new feature that allows users to be able to use WhatsApp on a Windows 11/10 PC without having to always be connected to WhatsApp Mobile. Thus, you can make calls via WhatsApp anytime and anywhere only with a PC, malthough sometimes voice and video calls have problems.

If you often experience problems with WhatsApp calls, check out the tips that WinPoin provides below to fix WhatsApp calls that don’t work on Windows 11/10.

1. Make sure your internet connection is smooth

Before checking anything else, make sure your internet connection is running smoothly first. To be able to make WhatsApp phone calls smoothly, at least you need single digit internet speed (in Mbps). But for WhatsApp video calls, you need a high-speed internet connection.

2. Give microphone permission

Did you manage to make a call, but the other person can’t hear what you’re saying? Most likely you haven’t given microphone permission for WhatsApp on Windows 11/10. Follow the steps below and enable microphone access for WhatsApp.

  • Go to settings (Win + I)
  • Access the Privacy & security menu > Microphone.
  • Activate microphone access first.
  • Then, scroll down and grant microphone access for the WhatsApp application.

3. Grant camera permission

If you want to make video calls, then you have to give camera permission as well. The method is more or less the same, it’s just that in the Privacy & security section you have to choose a camera and give WhatsApp access to the camera.

4. Make sure WhatsApp is running in the background

If you’re not receiving calls at all, maybe you should check for apps running in the background. In order to receive incoming calls, the WhatsApp application must be running on background. If not, then you can only receive calls on your mobile.

To find out whether WhatsApp is running in the background or not, please go to Settings > Application > Whatsapp (Advanced Options).

5. Check WhatsApp servers

If the WhatsApp server is experiencing problems, then you can be sure that all the functions of the application on the desktop will not work. You cannot send messages, pictures, make calls and various other things. To find out if the WhatsApp server is up downyou can check this by visiting downdetector.

6. Unmute WhatsApp calls

Getting constant WhatsApp calls on your desktop might hurt your productivity. Therefore, you may want to mute the call, but if you forget to turn it off again, then you will not receive the phone call.

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Select the more menu or the icon with three dots, then select settings
  • Open notification menu
  • Uncheck the ‘Mute all incoming calls on desktop’ menu

7. Turn off bluetooth device

You’ve probably connected headphones or earbuds to a PC via Bluetooth and forgot about it. In addition to your information, all incoming or outgoing calls via WhatsApp will continue to use the connected device for microphone input and audio output. So, you need to disconnect the Bluetooth device on the PC.

8. Make sure you are not blocked

If all of the above has been done, but you still can’t make calls, then there is only one possibility left, namely your number is blocked by the other person! So, please meet the person directly or you can block it back

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