Especially you users two graphics in a device like mine where there is Intel HD for low power mode and Nvidia for performance mode, we can manage application’s default graphic settings from Windows 11 manually.

The benefit itself is that we can set whether certain applications use integrated graphics or dedicated graphics manually, where maybe in some cases there are applications that suddenly open in high performance, even though it would be better if it was opened in low power mode.

Now for you Nvidia users, we can actually do the same steps through the Nvidia Control Panel, but to make it more universal because not all Windows 11 users also use Nvidia, we can set default graphics settings this is directly from Windows 11, how to do it? The following WinPoin summarizes the short steps.

Step 1. First make sure you have two GPUs on your device, you can use the device manager then look at Display adapters.

Step 2. Next, please open it Settings > System > Display > Graphics.

Step 3. Then choose The application you want to change the default graphic settingshis. However, if there is no application that you want to select from the list provided, then you can click on the button browse, and then select the application, for example here I will change OBS so that every time it is opened, OBS uses Intel HD Graphics only.

If the application is you browse and you have added it, please click Options.

Next, please choose default graphics settings do you want, for example here I change OBS to use Power saving, because if it is set in mode let windows decide or highperformance OBS on my device doesn’t record screen properly.

Click Save and it’s done, how easy is it? Please try it guys.

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