As we already know, Microsoft Edge has become an important part of the Windows 10 and 11 operating system by being an application preinstalled by default.

In fact, if a user tries to download another browser, Microsoft will provide a banner stating that Edge is also capable of doing other things that common browsers can do. But of course there are many users out there who prefer to use their flagship browser, whether it's Google Chrome, Vivaldi, Firefox or others.

The reasons are of course many, but most choose not to use Edge because the application is full of unnecessary features, starting from speedtest, AI Copilot, Shopping, Games and others.

Regarding Microsoft Edge Chromium, there is good news, guys, especially for those of you who plan to use Windows 11 Enterprise LTSC because reportedly in this version Microsoft Edge can be completely removed.

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As in the image you can see above, in Windows 11 Enteprise LTSC Evaluation, Edge can be removed and uninstalled from the system, where once removed, applications and widgets that depend on the browser will no longer be available.

Image by The Bob Pony /

And what's more interesting, according to information from The Bob Pony In the X account, this does not apply exclusively to users in the EU region, but will apply to all Windows 11 Enteprises LTSC users globally. Great, isn't it?

Why Is This a Good Thing?

So, as a user who used to actively use Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019, the Enterprise LTSC version really shouldn't bring much bloatware that the user will not need.

And basically, Edge is important because it is a browser, but there are many users who feel that Edge is not better than their flagship browser, especially regarding privacy issues. So having the option to delete the application is a good thing for LTSC users who will use this version for a long time.

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And just a little information, guys, Windows 11 Enteprises LTSC will get support for 5 years from its launch.

With that said, if you want to use Windows 11 and don't like the many features you never touch, version LTSC this will be very suitable for you.

So what do you think about this? Comment below guys and give your opinion.

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