Generally, guys, there are various benefits that you can get when connected to a Proxy Server. For example, when you want to hide identity Your IP, whether just for privacy protection, to want to access websites that are blocked for certain regions.

In addition, some companies usually require users to use special proxy settings so that the device can connect to the Internet properly or because it is company policy to monitor internet usage on your device.

Okay friends, by setting a proxy in Windows 11, generally this will make the applications you use such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE, and various other applications use the Proxy Server.

Immediately, here’s how to set a proxy server on Windows 11.

Step 1. First please open Settings > Network & Internet > Proxy.

Step 2. Then, at the bottom of the “Automatic proxy setup” option, please click Set up in the “Use setup script” section.

Step 3. Next, please enter proxy server that you have.

Step 4. When finished, click Save and now Windows 11 is using the proxy.

Well besides that, you can also manually enter Proxy Server and the port. On step 2 you just click the option Manual proxy setup.

Then please enter proxy server you according to the configuration you have.

Well, how easy is it?, please try guys, I hope this article is useful. Thank you

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