USB4 is still relatively new technology and even support for the Windows 11 operating system was only launched last month May 2023 via updates moment 3 on Windows 11 22H2.

Even though USB4 is working, there seem to be several problems that users often experience including a beeping error message “USB4 device functionality might be limited”.

Regarding this, Microsoft has recently released list solution for this problem complete with possible causes so that users can solve the problem from the root.

And here are some steps you can try if you get the error message “USB4 device functionality might be limited” quoted from Microsoft.

Solution Possible causes
1. Make sure your PC supports USB4 to get the best experience from the installed USB4 device or dock.

2. Also ensure that the user has used a cable provided by the device manufacturer or a certified USB4 dock or cable.

3. Connect the USB4 device or dock directly to the PC or just to the USB4 dock.

1. The device or dock you are using may support USB4, but it is plugged into a port on your PC that does not support USB4. The attached device may have limited functionality because it does not use USB4.

2. You are using a cable that does not support USB4.

3. You connected a USB4 device or dock to a dock that does not support USB4.

Users may experience this problem quite rarely because basically USB4 is still a new technology and not all devices support this technology, but if you already use a PC or laptop that supports USB4, make sure your other accessories also support USB4.

For example, USB4, which I quite recommend, is a cable from OneFiber Pro because it supports speeds of up to 40Gbps, support for up to 8K Display, and 240W PD Power Delivery.

So, have any of you used USB4? Comment below guys.

Via: Microsoft

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