Microsoft has created a new platform intended as free online education platform which includes an integrated curriculum and sandbox coding environment which does not require a setup and installation process. In other words, everyone can start learning how to code straight away without anything extra that needs to be done.

So, this platform is Visual Studio Code for Educations, which reportedly will be available at the end of May 2024, guys. Microsoft revealed that the availability of this platform will be available on various devices and browsers to ensure that many users can get access easily.

Visual Studio Code for Education itself has actually been tested some time ago through Microsoft’s preview program, users can access it on the page following.

For users who want to start learning coding, Maybe this platform is suitable, because Visual Studio Code provides many courses and lessons including Python, which is a popular programming language that is quite easy to learn.

“Visual Studio Code for Education will simplify the learning process with a streamlined code editing experience optimized for education. It will feature a content window for learning materials, a simplified user interface and an intuitive layout, making it easy for students to master important coding concepts. The platform’s one-click coding functionality eliminates any setup hurdles, so students can start coding immediately.”

Easy and Free Access

So, for those of you who want to try learning with Visual Studio Code for Educations, you can visit the page itself is free and all you need is to log in with the account you created.

After creating the project, we will be directed to the Visual Studio Code page as in the following image.

Where there we can immediately write code according to our practice project, guys.

Additionally, on page, there will be several lessons that you can follow, which currently only contain an introduction for beginners. In the future there will probably be many course others that users can follow.

In fact, on the page, there are events there that you can take part in online classes according to the applicable schedule. Quite interesting, right?

In essence, the Visual Studio Code for Education platform is a free platform aimed at users who want to learn coding using Visual Studio Code.

So what do you think? interested in trying? Comment below guys.

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