Microsoft has finally released it build new at once build Lastly for Windows 11 Insider Canary users in May 2024. The build released is build 26227 which of course brings quite a lot of improvements to the operating system, guys.

Well, one of the improvements that is present is an increase in the Copilot Experience where now Copilot will work like applications in general, where it is reported that now Copilot has become Web App and missing many of its key integrations such as the ability to change settings from Copilot directly even key combination Win + C which now no longer opens Copilot.

As part of the Copilot experience's evolution on Windows to become an app that is pinned to the taskbar, we are retiring the WIN + C keyboard shortcut. For new devices that ship with a Copilot key, this key will open Copilot. For existing devices without that key, using the WIN + (number position for Copilot pinned to your taskbar) is a great way to open Copilot.

Apart from that, Microsoft introduced Emoji 15.1 support where there are several new emojis which include:

Then, on the Settings > Accounts page, users can now make settings PC and Xbox devices connected to the same account. This option will only be available to Windows 11 Home and Pro users only.

Improvements Presented

Apart from the several things highlighted above, there are several improvements that are also presented in build 26227 which include:

  • Fixed an issue believed to be the underlying cause of some Insiders noticing stutters in some animations recently (dropping frames), particularly with Task View.
  • Fixed an underlying issue which could lead to some apps not starting on startup even though they were enabled as startup apps in Settings. It would show as Suspended in Task Manager, but not appear in the taskbar.
  • Fixed an underlying issue which could lead to the pop up asking for permission to use location not appearing, which could lead to app issues without location access.
  • Fixed an issue related to showing tabs in Alt + Tab, which could lead to frequent explorer.exe crashes if you have a very large number of tabs.
  • Fixed the issue causing the WIN + W keyboard shortcut to not work correctly and open the Widgets board.
  • Fixed explorer.exe crashes impacting live captions and voice access.

And for Phone Link users on Android, Microsoft is now introducing a new feature suggested replies when the user types/answers an SMS on the device using the Phone Link application.

Users can now get this feature if they have updated the Phone Link version to 1.24051.98 or later.

So, that's a little announcement regarding Windows 11 Insider Canary Build 26227, for those of you who haven't gotten this build, you can go to the Settings page > Windows Update > Check for updates then download and install this update from there.

Via: Microsoft

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