Depositing money as a form of short-term investment is the best choice for those who want to try their hand at investing. There are currently many digital banks that offer deposit products such as SeaBank deposit. The system used for SeaBank deposit is the same as other products, i.e. you cannot withdraw the entered funds before the deadline.

However, under certain conditions You can still withdraw your SeaBank deposit before maturity. So what? What conditions must be met?

To answer these questions Let's find out the answer in the following article!

Can you withdraw your SeaBank deposit before maturity?

The answer is yes! You can withdraw your SeaBank deposit before maturity as long as you meet certain requirements.

However, it should be noted that disbursement before maturity means you will only receive the principal amount. In other words The promised interest will not be paid because you do not fulfill the terms of the agreed period.

So make sure that the money you deposit is “cold money” or money that is not used for daily needs. However, if you still want to extend or change the payment due date, You can do the following:

  1. First, open your SeaBank app. Open your SeaBank app.
  2. You will then be taken to the main menu. Then select the option “Deposit”;.
  3. After that, click on the menu “My Deposits” or “View My Deposits”.
  4. On the menu, select Active or Continuous Deposit.
  5. Click the “Instructions Due” menu;
  6. Then select and change the maturity date according to the desired instructions ARO (principal), ARO (principal and interest) or Non-ARO.

Easy enough, right? The SeaBank deposit extension process can be completed at any time. The maximum extension is 1 day before the maturity date of the previously applied deposit.

Conditions for withdrawing SeaBank deposits

In general, there are no special conditions for withdrawing SeaBank deposits. However, there are several files and information that must be prepared before applying for a payment:

  1. You have a SeaBank account and a SeaBank deposit.
  2. Prepare personal identification card in KTP format and account number.
  3. Prepare the TD references and due dates listed on the SeaBank application.

How to withdraw your SeaBank deposit before maturity

So how can you withdraw your SeaBank deposit before it matures for certain purposes? Let's find out in the conversation below:

1. Select the non-ARO option when opening a SeaBank deposit.

SeaBank Deposits offers two deposit disbursement options: ARO (automatic rollover) and Non-ARO (non-automatic rollover).

The ARO option allows you to automatically roll over your deposit after the maturity date. So you don't need to worry anymore if you forget to renew.

Meanwhile, a Non-ARO function to disburse deposits into your account on the date you selected when opening the account. If you choose the Non-ARO option, it means that you will have to periodically extend your deposit period. (not automatically)

Therefore, this non-ARO option will be useful for those planning to withdraw your SeaBank deposit at any time before its maturity. Therefore, your deposit will not be extended automatically by the system.

2. Contact Notification center Seabank

A report from SeaBank's official page recommends contacting them immediately. Notification center SeaBank at number 1500 130 later the team Customer service (CS) will ask for a certain amount of personal information that only you know.

The goal is to give them access to information about your deposit. You can then explain the purpose of the deposit disbursement and the disbursement date. After that, the CS team will help you verify your funds and disburse your deposit.

However, please note that the deposit disbursement process will take at least 1 to 2 days.

3. Use features Live Chat Seabank

If you don't have credit to call Notification centerYou can contact the CS team through this feature. Live chat Seabank. The steps to use the live chat feature are as follows:

  1. First, open the SeaBank app on your device.
  2. On the home page, go to the “Me” page.
  3. After that, you will see the “Chat with SeaBank” menu.
  4. Then select the chat feature with “CS SeaBank”.

You will be directly connected to the CS team to inform them of your deposit disbursement plan. The information you need to provide is the required deposit. Maturity date and TD referrals. After that, the SeaBank CS team will assist in data verification and perform facial verification to avoid fraud cases.

Here are several ways you can withdraw your SeaBank deposit before it matures. Make sure you pay attention to the terms and conditions as well as the system options you choose when opening your account.

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