Copilot GPT Builder is a special feature for users who have purchased a Copilot Pro subscription for $20/month, where with Copilot GPT Builder users can create their own Copilot Custom Generative AI.

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However, in just three months since it was first launched, Microsoft decided to end this special feature for Copilot Pro users, because starting July 10 2024, Copilot GPT Builder will officially not be available for Copilot Pro customers.

As in the picture above, Microsoft has started sending emails to users of the service containing: link the reason why Microsoft removed Copilot GPT Builder from Copilot Pro.

We continue to evaluate our strategy for consumer Copilot expansion and prioritize core product experiences, while remaining committed to developer opportunities. To achieve this goal, we shifted our focus on GPT scenarios to Commercial and Enterprise scenarios and retired GPT efforts in consumer Copilot.’

Microsoft said

In general, Microsoft is now shifting their focus on GPT scenarios to commercial and enterprise, in other words, perhaps in the future this feature will be specific to companies only and will no longer be part of Copilot Pro.

But don’t worry, anyone who has created a GPT with Copilot GPT Builder, users can still edit and copy their instructions until July 10, 2024.

Via: nat://TheAIObserverX /X, Microsoft

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