Some time ago Microsoft released Preview Update KB5037853 where in this update there are a number of improvements including: QR Codes on the Windows Share and PC Manager pages specifically for users in China.

Apart from that, this update also brings improvements drag and drop in the File Explorer address bar, it’s just that the feature doesn’t seem to be rolling out to all users yet and even still in trouble.

Well, apart from this problem, several people who have installed the update have reported problems using the taskbar, guys, including reports of the section disappearing. On the other hand, after finding many reports, Microsoft then updated it page release note update KB5037853 and states users may face problems in using the Taskbar included Not responding and disappear automatically.

After installing this update, you may face problems in using the taskbar. You may notice the taskbar temporarily glitches, unresponsive, disappears, and reappears automatically. Additionally, this issue may be reflected in the Event Viewer with an Application Error ‘Event ID 1000’ under Windows Logs, listing ‘Explorer.EXE’ as ‘Incorrect application name’ and ‘Taskbar.View.dll’ as ‘Incorrect module name ‘.

Microsoft said

For workarounds, Microsoft currently offers a solution using known issues rollbackso for those of you who may encounter this problem, just make sure your device is always in the latest condition so that the repair will automatically launch.

Meanwhile, for managed devices, Microsoft offers an update file Windows 11 22H2 KB5037853 240505_142035 Known Issue Rollback which you can download on the page followingmeanwhile you can see the application on the page following.

This problem itself can be said to randomly occur to users, fortunately I haven’t experienced it myself, are you the same? Comment below guys.

Via: Microsoft

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