Gold and real estate are two investment instruments that are often referred to as escape tools This is because the risk level is relatively low and can be used to prepare for old age. However, these two investment vehicles have different characteristics. Therefore, there are different advantages and disadvantages.

Therefore, before deciding to buy either, you must consider the pros and cons of investing in real estate or gold. Here’s a complete discussion on gold and investment real estate:

Pros and cons of investing in gold


  1. The price tends to increase.– Not only used for investment only Gold is also a type of jewelry that many people buy and keep. Therefore, the demand for this precious metal is stable. with stable demand Limited reserves and inflation rate It is therefore not surprising that gold prices tend to rise. For example, the price of gold in 2020 was around Rp 830,000 per gram. But it currently sells for around Rp 1,300,000 per gram. Interesting, right?
  2. Can be purchased in installments.– Currently there are many Applying to invest in gold which you can use to buy this investment tool These applications generally use a savings system. Where the funds deposited by the customer are directly exchanged for gold savings at the current market price. The specified amount that a customer can deposit varies from IDR 100,000 to IDR 5,000 in a single deposit. This will definitely make it easier for clients who want to invest in this asset.
  3. It is said that gold is quite liquid or easily melts.– which means If you need urgent funds You can instantly sell your gold jewelry savings to a store, pawnshop or bank. The same is true for buying gold in installments.


  1. Needs good storage and care.– Especially if you buy gold bars. Like it or not, you need a proper place to store it so it doesn’t get stolen easily. Additionally, gold requires care and attention. Because as a metal Gold can also get dirty and rust. The solution is that you can invest in gold by saving or renting a safe deposit box at a bank. Because in this way the bank stores your assets in a suitable and safe place.
  2. There is a difference between the sale price and the buyback price of gold.– The selling price is the price the store temporarily charges to sell you gold. The buyback price is The price that stores charge to buy gold from you. Normally, the sale price is higher than the buyback price. The gold buyback price will drop again if you sell gold that is dirty, rusty, or has a missing certificate. Therefore, in the opinion of the author Gold is not a suitable investment instrument for this strategy. Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA).


  1. Prices tend to increase.– This is especially true for real estate in large cities or suburban areas of these large cities. The more people move to cities to find work, the more people move to cities to find work. The better the investment opportunities in the city. Taking into account that everyone needs a place to live.
  2. Can create passive income– When investing in real estate Whether it is land or a building You will not only benefit from the increase in the price of the asset. You can not only earn income from a business built on assets, for example, you build a dormitory. Therefore, your profit will not only be gained from the increase in the price of land and dormitory buildings. This includes not only capital gains (investment profits), but also from monthly fees paid by the residents of your dormitory.
  3. House or land registration can be mortgaged.– Do you need urgent funds? Therefore, you can guarantee a certificate of land and/or building where you own this property to the bank or pawnshop. This is because land and building certificates are one of the strictest legal documents when applying for a loan.


  1. Large amount of capital and unable to pay in installments– Not only for purchasing land and buildings on it. The large capital for investing in real estate also includes the costs of processing certificates not only at notaries and BPNs. The process of requesting land and building certificates from the government also takes a long time. This is especially true if you buy a home in a housing project that requires a certificate destruction process.
  2. care must be taken– Surely no buyer or renter will want to use your property if its condition is dirty and disorganized, right? Therefore, one of the challenges of real estate investing is that it requires maintenance costs, which are usually quite small.
  3. no liquidity– Although the certificate can be mortgaged with the bank But real estate assets are somewhat more difficult to sell due to their high prices. In selling dormitories, for example, if it is not the opening of the new student season. Or there is a new vacancy in the nearest office. Of course, it will take weeks or months to sell a dormitory. Therefore, buying and selling real estate requires good management and administration skills.

Gold vs Real Estate Which is more profitable?

Investing in gold VS real estate Which one is more profitable? From the above discussion, it can be concluded that investing in real estate is generally riskier than gold. In addition to the large amount of capital and costs Investing in this asset is also less liquid.

However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in real estate. Buy investment property If you have enough funds Want a very long-term investment have enough money emergency fund and have sufficient time and energy to maintain the property

On the other hand, if you want to invest for the medium term (3-5 years only), don’t have enough funds to buy real estate assets. and do not have enough time and skills to maintain and market it. Invest in gold It is an appropriate investment tool.

Each investment instrument has its own advantages and disadvantages. From these advantages and disadvantages The most important thing is to buy investment tools that are suitable for your capital. Risk history and your needs

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