If we remember again, two years ago Microsoft reportedly presented the Outlook Lite for Android application The size is only 5 MB (although now it has swelled too).

So regarding this application, today Microsoft has confirm that now Outlook Lite for Android supports the SMS feature which is available to all users throughout the world.

To access SMS itself, in the Outlook Lite application, users simply click on the icon called SMS in the bottom right corner. And of course users are required to provide SMS access to be able to synchronize incoming SMS on our Android device.

With SMS on Outlook Lite, you can enjoy the convenience and security of sending and receiving SMS messages from your Outlook Lite app. SMS is integrated with your email, calendar, and contacts, so you can stay in touch with your contacts in one app.

With SMS support in Outlook Lite, users can directly receive and send SMS from the Outlook Lite application, so that contacts, calendars and email can be accessed in the same application.

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Apart from that, Microsoft also seems to be considering making it cloud backup from incoming SMS to the Outlook application, which is certainly a good thing to increase security if the device is lost or the data is accidentally deleted.

To get this support, for you Outlook Lite for Android users, you can just update your Outlook Lite application from the Google Play Store page then make sure you are using the latest version.

Via: Microsoft

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