Microsoft has recently published new page which provides detailed information regarding the settings privacy regarding the Recall feature in Windows 11 version 24H2.

Recall (or previously known as AI Explorer) will operate in the background and save all screen information and all user actions. This will of course allow the system to analyze the context in the application and track all user activities to improve information retrieval capabilities and increase overall productivity. In other words, users will be able to search for data using queries and commands using everyday language recalls.

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But of course because it stores all the information, this feature has received quite a lot of negative responses because after all Recall will save many things including information and personal data that is important for the user.

But don’t worry because on Microsoft’s page regarding Recall privacy, Microsoft explains that users can pause or disable Recall, block snapshots for certain applications and websites and delete all recorded activity, in other words users have full access to manage this feature. Additionally Microsoft ensures that snapshots taken recalls will only be stored and processed on the local device without any transmission to Microsoft servers or sharing with third parties.

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Snapshot Encrypted

Microsoft also explains that every snapshot The data captured will be securely encrypted, so that only authorized users can view the user’s activity history.

So, from a security perspective, there should be no doubt about this recall, and here are the facts about the Recall feature in Windows 11 based on newly discovered information:

  1. All Recall Snapshots will be encrypted.
  2. Users can turn off and manage how snapshots are taken on certain websites and applications.
  3. All Recall recorded activity can be deleted.
  4. All Recall activity is processed locally.

So, even though many users are worried about privacy, these facts should reduce their worries. But what do you think? Comment below guys.

Via: Microsoft

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