Microsoft will reportedly add some sort screenshot prevention in the Microsoft Edge for business application where policy This will prevent users from stealing important content on the website.

Screenshot prevention will secure against data exfiltration in the browser by blocking the ability to take screenshots on pages labeled as sensitive or protected policies

Microsoft said via PCWorld

And according to Microsoft's statement, this policy will prevent data theft in the browser by blocking the ability to retrieve it screenshots on the page designated as confidential or safe. And with this policy, the company's IT Admin will have the ability to determine certain pages with group policy for services such as Microsoft 365, Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps, Microsoft Intune Mobile Application Management, and Microsoft Pureview.

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The implementation of this will reportedly take place in the next few months, but unfortunately it is not clear how Microsoft will prevent it screenshot tool third party to collect screenshots and video recording.

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Apart from that, not much information has been revealed regarding whether this feature will be specific to Edge for Business or for all Microsoft Edge users, to be honest I'm quite curious, but of course for paid news websites this feature will be quite interesting to use because of all the news, images and Other important information will not be taken arbitrarily without prior permission.

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Via: PCWorld

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