Some time ago Microsoft launched an update regarding the End of support page with Windows 10 in it, where apart from information on when support will end on that page, you can also learn the comparison of Windows 11 and Windows 10, data transfer and others.

So, as we already know, Windows 10 support itself will end on October 14 2025, after which Microsoft will no longer send any updates to the operating system, making it vulnerable to new vulnerabilities.

On new page Microsoft also provides information regarding End OS Support on Windows 7 and 8 systems, where of course users are recommended to use newer versions of Windows.

What's quite interesting is that the page also displays several links where users can learn about Windows 11 and all its features, compare it with Windows 10 and transfer data from Windows 10 to Windows 11 using Windows Backup.

Well apart from that, Microsoft also admits that there will be many users who will continue to use Windows 10 even though support will soon end where Microsoft also asks them to at least backup files on OneDrive.

If you plan to continue using your Windows 10 PC, we understand. Although the end of support date for Windows 10 won't occur until October 2025, we recommend keeping your files backed up and easily accessible across devices using OneDrive.

You can access this page at the link followingand if you are currently still using Windows 10, you still have 1 year to prepare yourself to upgrade to Windows 11 or move to Linux if your device feels too heavy to run Windows 11 or is not compatible with Windows 11. popcnt.

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