For those of you who actively use the Telegram messaging service, there is quite interesting news, guys, because Microsoft has recently announce availability bots Microsoft Copilot Beta version on Telegram.

This bot will work like Microsoft Copilot on Windows or Microsoft Edge where you can search for certain information, express ideas and have general conversations with AI Copilot.

To access it yourself, you can click the link following or click the Try now button listed on the link following. After that the Telegram application will open where you of course have to accept the privacy policy regarding the bot.

After that, we will be asked to share phone number from our Telegram account, otherwise this bot will not work.

Now, after the telephone number is shared, we can chat with Copilot as usual, where we will get a limit of 30 chat rounds with the Copilot bot.

General Functions

The Copilot bot on Telegram only carries general functions such as conversations in general, for example conducting searches, writing down ideas such as writing song lyrics, poetry and the like.

However, to create images using DALL-E 3, we will be directed to the Copilot website or download the Copilot application on Android or iOS.

For fun and looking for information quickly from the Telegram application, this bot might be useful, but it seems that sharing the Telegram telephone number that we have will have a negative response from users.

But what do you think? try commenting below guys and have you tried this bot?

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