Last week we had games Chivalry 2 for free for us to play, I even saw quite a lot of players live streaming the game in the past week.

Well, this week there is a new game which of course Epic Games is sharing, the title is Marvel Midnight Suns, a game developed by Firaxis Games, which is responsible for the game. Civilization And XCOM which is quite popular.

In the Marvel Midnight Suns game, we will play as Marvel superheroes to defeat Hydra who is trying to take over the world. For more details, you can check the following trailer:

The price of this game itself is around Rp. 649,000, quite expensive, right, so hurry up and claim it before you miss it, guys.

The system requirements for this game are actually not that heavy, you just need to use the specifications as in the following image and you can play this game smoothly without any problems.

How? Interested in claiming this game? If so, you can just go straight to the link followingand don’t forget to claim immediately before June 13, 2024.

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