For those of you who use editing software from Blackmagic Design, namely Davinci Resolve and are planning to buy a Copilot+ device, then there is good news, guys, because the Davinci Resolve 19 Beta 3 version now supports Snapdragon X Series processors.

According to the official pagewith the support of the Snapdragon AI tools. In fact, the magic masking process can be up to 4.7 times faster and smart reframing can be up to 2 times faster thanks to the help of the NPU from Qualcomm.

In addition to support for Windows ARM using Snapdragon X Elite, Davinci Resolve 19 will bring quite a lot of new features including the ability to edit content based on clip transcriptions and Music Remixer FX for users who want to remix audio. And here are the new features that will be present in Davinci Resolve 19:

  • Adds support for Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite on Windows.
  • IntelliTrack AI point tracker for tracking and stabilization.
  • Ability to edit timeline content based on source clip transcription.
  • New ColorSlice six vector grading palette.
  • AI powered UltraNR noise reduction for spatial denoising.
  • New Film Look Creator Resolve FX
  • New Defocus Background isolates foreground with blur.
  • IntelliTrack powered audio panning to video in Fairlight.
  • Music Remixer FX to remix voice, drums, bass, guitar and other sources.
  • Dialogue Separator FX to separate dialogue, background or ambience.
  • Ducker track FX for auto level management of beds against dialogue.

The presence of this support is certainly a good thing, especially for users who actively work with Davinci Resolve, especially if the user has switched to the Copilot+ device, which is of course a device that supports the full features of Windows 11.

For those of you who want to download Davinvi Resolve 19 Beta 3, you can download it on the page

Via: BlackMagicDesign

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