The Recall feature, as we know, is a feature that will reportedly be an exclusive feature for Copilot+ device users. However, some time ago there was news that The Recall feature in Windows 11 has been successfully ported to Snapdragon 7c+ This of course opens up the possibility of activating features on devices that are not supported.

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And regarding this, Albacore, who as we know is the person behind the famous ViveTool, has recently introduced a new tool called “Amperage”. Where this application functions to simplify the process Activation Recall feature on unsupported devices.

Amperage is a Windows console app designed to help you enable Recall on devices that aren't officially supported.

So, currently Amperage can only be used to activate recalls only on devices that use ARM64 CPUs, for example Qualcomm Snapdragon, Microsoft SQ And Ampere. Apart from that, this application can only be run if the system is using Windows 11 version 24H2 build 26100.712.

For those of you who may currently be users of ARM devices such as Snapdragon 7c+, you can try activating the Recall feature using this tool, guys, you can learn the steps on the github page following.

In general, with this tool you can easily activate the Recall feature which Microsoft introduced some time ago.

Can it be used on x64 and x86 devices? Unfortunately, it's not possible at this time, guys, because Microsoft hasn't published it yet AI components to that platform.

Via: GitHub

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