Although Apple has officially released Apple Music, TV and Devices independently via the Microsoft Store, but in fact the old iTunes application is still quite popular with users because with iTunes we can still access Podcasts and Audiobooks, as well as hard reset iphone very easily.

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So, to install iTunes, previously we had to download it directly from the Apple website, but since several years ago, Apple has released the iTunes application in the Microsoft Store so we can easily install it.

Step 1. To install iTunes, just open the Microsoft Store and search iTunes Of course, then all you have to do is click Install.

Step 2. Once installed, please open iTunes and click Agree on license terms who will appear there.

After that, you can access the iTunes application as usual on Windows 11. Apart from using the steps above, you can also install iTunes using command prompt via the following command.

winget install --id apple.itunes

Just like the steps above, after the installation via Winget is complete, you must agree license agreement which will appear in the application.

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So, are you still an iTunes user on Windows? or there is a method flash/hard reset What alternative do you like besides iTunes? Comment below guys.

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