Several months ago, Microsoft finally released Microsoft Edge for Android version 123, in which Microsoft introduced this version Extensions Support which users can install on the browser.

And during the testing I carried out, the extensions that were present were quite helpful in improving the browsing experience, even though previously there were not enough extensions.

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But friends, there is good news where according to information from Windows Latest, Microsoft is currently testing “Extension v2” in Microsoft Edge for Android which will bring more additional Extensions support.

As you can see above, Android Extension V2 is available as an experimental flag in Microsoft Edge Canary for Android version 127. And once activated, we can install more Extensions including I don't care about cookies And unhook.

Well, from what can be seen above, currently the number of extensions available on the Extensions page in Microsoft Edge for Android still doesn't seem to be much, but in the future we will be able to install more additional extensions available in the Microsoft Edge Add-on and that is something that interesting.

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Apart from that, by activating Extension v2 we can install it Extension by ID by logging in to Developer options > Extension install by ID and paste the Extension ID which you can take from the Microsoft Edge Add-on.

So, as in the picture beside, after you add the ID, just click OK and the extension will automatically be installed in Microsoft Edge for Android.

Feature Still Under Testing!

Please remember that the Extension feature in Microsoft Edge for Android is actually still in the Beta stage, so there may be bugs and problems with the Extensions. Especially if we do a forced installation using the Extension ID.

Via: Windows Latest

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