Google appears to be ready to start removing extensions manifest V2 gradually in Google Chrome and their Chrome Web Store, where like timeline which was released on in 2023 then, the deletion of the V2 manifest will begin on June 3, 2024.

Well, as we already know, removing manifest v2 and replacing it with v3 brings quite a lot of pros and cons, where many users believe that this is Microsoft's move to turn off content blocker And ad blocker gradually.

However, in its announcement Google reminded that the idea behind manifest v3 was not to kill content blocker or ad blocker but completely to improve security, privacy and performance in the extension ecosystem.

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And after repeatedly postponing the manifest v2 migration, Google will begin the process of gradually discontinuing manifest v2 and starting on June 3, even in the Google Chrome Beta version, Google has already displayed banners warning for users running the v2 manifest extension.

Google Recommends Manifest v3 Alternative

Of course, turning off the extension with manifest v2 will not just be done immediately, where in this process Google will also recommend users for alternative extensions with manifest v3. In addition, there will reportedly be a grace period where the browser will allow disabled extensions to be reactivated. However, Google will eventually remove this option.

Google itself has planned to complete the process in early 2025, where enterprise users will have the option to avoid changes to Manifest V2 with special policies until June 2025.

And one more thing guys, several popular extensions have been migrated to manifest v3, and maybe if you are an extension developer who is still using manifest v2, it would be a good idea for you to immediately prepare to migrate so that the extension is not removed from the Chrome Web Store.

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