In its announcement last week, Microsoft officially introduced the feature Recall or what we previously knew as AI Explorer, where this feature will save all snapshots of the user's screen to make it easier for users to search for things in natural language. Apart from that, this feature will reportedly be an exclusive feature for Copilot+ PC device which is powered by the Snapdragon X Series.

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However, there is interesting news, guys, which the developers have done backport Recall feature to existing hardware, even on Windows on ARM devices with fairly low-end hardware.

Regarding this, perhaps we already know leaker Albacore or di X is also known as thebookisclosedwhere some time ago he was announce that they managed to get Recall working on a Snapdragon 7c+ processor and 4GB RAM. Even though the Snapdragon 7c+ is an ARM processor that doesn't have a built-in NPU and the device only has 3.4 GB of RAM, it turns out to work very well.

According to Albacore, this feature works very well and reportedly he will release a tutorial some time in the future.

With that, it is possible that other Surface devices can get the Recall feature and it is possible that x64 processor users can also get it. Meanwhile for x86 support may be a little more difficult as Machine Learning models for developers mostly include ARM64 packages. But we'll see, guys.

So is NPU actually not needed? According to Albacore, the NPU is still needed to carry out certain tasks, but without the NPU the Recall feature seems to work well.

So let's try later if the tutorial is available, whether we can install Recall on my old device with an Intel Core i5 7200 or not at all.

What do you think about this? Comment below guys and give your opinion.

Via: Albacore/X

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