In addition to homes and vehicles, it is undeniable that electronic devices such as televisions and washing machines mobile phone These are the sources of the highest personal expenses. It is therefore not surprising that more and more people are purchasing various electronic devices. these with various loan programs Including pre-payers. Additionally, many payers are now also integrated into online market applications.

However, before purchasing electronic equipment of this nature, the following should be considered:

1. A need, not a need

One of the most important things to consider when shopping on credit is your needs and wants. For example, if your home is well lit and has access to fresh air. It is enough to buy a fan, not an air conditioner, just for the sake of prestige.

This is because electronic products often have more complex technology and are not only more expensive. But it also requires more power generation capacity. As a result, the burden of bills that must be borne every month has increased as well.

Buying postpaid electronic goods can be said to be wise if the item is actually in demand. in your household And it's not just a desire to be considered rich or stylish in the eyes of others.

Instead of buying just any electronic product Consider purchasing electronic devices that will enhance your work efficiency. Would appreciate if you could calculate the value. Return on investment (ROI) from purchasing these electronic devices

For example, instead of buying a new laptop for style, You purchase this electronic device to support your work as a graphic designer. Let's say the price of your laptop design is IDR 10,000,000 by paying IDR 1,050,000 per month in installments, while in 1 month you can earn IDR 5,000,000 using that laptop. This means that in just 2 months, you will have made back the investment you invested in purchasing the laptop.

3. Has a long service life

When purchasing consumer goods with credit, make sure that the term of use of the product is longer than the installment period. For example, don't buy a laptop that you'll only use for 1 year and pay for it in 3 years, because that means you'll still be responsible for paying the laptop in installments. App even if you are no longer using it.

Therefore, before buying electronic products in installments, you should know the lifespan of the equipment first. This includes if you purchase used electronics. Choose products that have a long service life so that the installment period does not extend beyond the period of use.

4. Make sure the total installment payments do not exceed 30% of your income.

Another thing to consider when accepting an electronic purchaser is the amount of the installment payment. Make sure that the postpaid installment plus installments and other debts does not exceed 30% of income.

For example, your monthly income is IDR 5,000,000 per month and you have a monthly motorcycle loan of IDR 500,000 per month, so make sure your electronic installments do not exceed IDR 1,000,000 per month.

This is important to ensure that you can pay off the installments and interest later. This is because failure to pay off debt later on can also affect your credit score. BI Audit This will prevent you from getting loans from other types of banks in the future.

Fortunately, now when you sign up to pay for a purchase, You can view your estimated payments directly. This way, you can avoid making these purchases if your total installments are more than

5. Choose the Best Paylater Platform

As financial technology advances There are more and more fraudsters. acting on behalf of the payer or online lending platform To avoid this problem Make sure you select Best Payer Platform By not only paying attention to the interest and details of the proposed installments. But also the legality of the platform.

Currently, all financial platforms are required to be certified by the Financial Services Authority (OJK), so before buying electronic devices on credit using paylater, make sure you choose a legitimate platform from this institution.

Just like a credit card The payer's payment method also has a number of promotions that users can take advantage of to reduce their payment burden. Before purchasing electronic products using this method Take advantage of available promotions. Whether from the Marketplace application you use, from the payer application itself. or from an electronics store

After that, try to calculate the required installments and the total debt you have to pay off using the promotion. If it doesn't meet your needs. You can buy another electronic device or a store that offers a cheaper price.

7. Don't forget to pay on time.

Like other loan products, the payer also carries interest, which will increase your total loan if not paid on time. Moreover, the value of payer loans for purchasing electronics is relatively higher as compared to using loans for other needs. This can happen due to the weight and bulk of electronic items. Therefore there are high shipping costs.

So be sure to make your later payments on time so that your debt doesn't increase. Fortunately, at present Many payer applications already have many installment options. From bank transfers to direct debits. You can use this feature to avoid forgetting to pay installments.

What if you consider the above and find that PayLater is not for you? Therefore, you can use other payment methods such as cash using Credit card or online loan– Whichever payment method you choose will be smart. As long as paying in installments from the payment method is not a financial burden on you and your family in the long run.

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