Reporting from Windows Latest, there are several in the latest Microsoft Edge Canary ID which indicates the presence of improvements to the feature suggestions in Microsoft Edge, where the feature will most likely be AI-powered for better results.

Some of these IDs include:

  • msAIPredictedSitesTopSitesAvailableInMostVisited
  • msAIPredictedSitesTopSitesVisible
  • msAIPredictedSitesTopSitesVisibleDhp
  • msAIPredictedSitesTopSitesVisibleNtp
  • msShowAIPredictedSiteSuggestionsOnNormalStartupTrigger
  • msShowAIPredictedSiteSuggestionsOnNormalStartupWithGivenUrlsTrigger

All of these IDs use the word “AI” which indicates that the feature will get improvements with AI power than what previously existed (or currently).

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So, as we know, currently when we use Microsoft Edge, the sites we frequently visit will appear below omnibox or address bar.

However, with Suggested sites Based on AI, maybe later there will be other indicators so that the site that appears there will be maximal, such as the number of times access to the site will appear there or other things.

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The presence of this improvement is still a rumor and its function has not yet been revealed in detail, but of course this feature will improve the performance of suggested sites in the address bar of Microsoft Edge itself.

Via: Windows Latest

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