This week apart from releasing Windows 11 Insider Canary Build 26231Microsoft also released an update KB5039312 for Windows 11 Insider Beta users. This update will of course change the OS Build to 22635.3720 which as usual the upgrade will be separated into two different parts, one specifically for users who activate the option “get the latest updates as they are available” on the Windows Updates page and another one for all users.

Active Options Only

For users who have activated the “get the latest updates as they are available” option, Microsoft is bringing quite a lot of improvements including upgrades Narrator which can be accessed via Voices Access and there is an Auto Restart feature for Voices Access, which of course is the same improvement as what was presented in Insider Canary previously.

Additionally, Microsoft has now released the ability to do so share local files from the Windows Search page where users who have found a file there can now share it directly.

Next, if you are in the China region and when Nearby Sharing is in the active position, you will get a notification to allow Wi-Fi or Bluetooth activation if both are in the disabled position.

Then there are several improvements including a fix for Win + E not working in File Explorer, CTRL + F not working, and SHIFT + TAB sometimes not working either.

Meanwhile, for users who do not activate the “get the latest updates as they are available” option, unfortunately Microsoft does not include any description.

Bugs and Known Issues?

This new build brings two new known issues which include:

  • Clicking your profile icon on the Start menu and choosing “Change account settings” will not open account settings. Should you need to adjust your account settings, you can navigate directly to them via Settings > Accounts.
  • Attempting to install an optional feature via Settings > System > Option features may crash Settings. Should you need to install an optional feature, please do so before taking the update to Build 22635.3720.

Apart from that, the Phone Link application also received improvements in the form of: suggested replies the same as was introduced in the previous Insider Dev via Update KB5037874.

For those of you who are currently Windows 11 Insider Beta users, you can now get the update KB5039312 From the Settings > Windows Updates > Check for updates page, make sure your internet connection is stable and has sufficient quota because the size of this update is quite large (around 700 Mban).

Via: Microsoft

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