Microsoft continues to strive to provide the best security experience for users, especially after they required Windows 10 and Windows 11 users to log in with a Microsoft account.

After logging in with a Microsoft account, Microsoft will usually advise users to create a PIN as an alternative password because basically logging in with a password will be very vulnerable to security because the process of logging into Windows 10/11 will be the same as logging into the Microsoft account itself.

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Now, after you have setup your PIN or Windows Hello, the password option will automatically no longer appear on the Windows 10/11 Lockscreen, for example as in the following image:

Microsoft wants to make us passwordless when logging into Windows 10/11 by simply providing a PIN or Windows Hello option, they have even published a support article discussing this on their page following.

Then, can we bring up the Password option again? Of course you can, and the steps are very easy, but remember that using a password is not recommended, especially if the device is one that is often borrowed by other people.

Here’s how to display the password option to log in to Windows 11 (in Windows 10 it should be the same).

Step 1. First, please go to the Settings > Accounts page.

Step 2. Furthermore scroll down and click on Sign-in options.

And as in the image above, please turn off the “For improved security, only allow Windows Hello sign-in for Microsoft account on this devices (Recommended)” option.

After that, please enter the lockscreen by pressing the Win + L keys and please check Sign-in Options, now the Password option should be available there.

Well, it’s really easy, isn’t it? Please try it guys, but please remember that the user password to log in to Windows 10/11 is a bit not recommended, because to increase security it’s a good idea to setup a PIN or another login alternative.

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