– Investing in crypto-currency tools has become the best option today. In addition to the benefit (go back), which is quite high, not a few projects. digital currency which is considered to have opportunities and a bright future, so it looks hopeful Here are some of the main reasons why so many people, including newbies, are looking for a way to buy. Encryption In 2022, everyone wants to play. crypto trading In the short term and some people are interested in investing in digital assets for the long term, such as selection. Encryption with a good foundationSuch as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), etc.

Steps to Buy Crypto Coins

Steps to start investing digital currency The most common is through crypto exchangesuch as Binance, Indodax, Tokocrypto, Coinbase, Kraken, My Account etc.crypto exchange This role is like a broker in general, one that facilitates the user to trade or trade. trade crypto assets, it should be noted that crypto exchange Give only products or assets. Encryption just.

Innovation in the digital space seems endless. Today there are so-called multi-asset brokers or platforms, so multi-asset platforms are brokers providing more and more financial instruments, including crypto coin, foreign stocks (like Amazon, TeslaTwitter, Netflix, etc.), gold, exchange rate, CFDs, commodities, etc., which allows investors around the world including Indonesia to invest in a wide range of assets. in one application

Some of the best and most popular examples in the world are eToro and However, eToro has temporarily closed registration for users in Asia. Including in Indonesia, so the option is available through

In general, the procedure for purchasing Encryption For starters in 2022 are as follows:

  1. choose platform crypto trading.
  2. register (sign).
  3. Make your first deposit (deposit)
  4. Cryptocurrency purchase process

1. Choose a platform Cryptocurrency Trading

basically There are several options to choose from to start investing. cryptocurrencies As already mentioned, there are at least 2 options: through the platform. crypto exchange such as Binance, Tokocrypto, Coinbase, Indodax, Kraken and my account. or through multi-asset brokerages such as and eToro, the most common being most investors in the world. including in Indonesia use multiple platforms trade at that time. For example, one platform is used for crypto trading Short-term and other platforms especially for long-term crypto investment accounts, however, you can adjust them according to your personal needs and preferences. However, using multi-asset applications is more efficient.

2. Register (sign)

The registration process is part important in the purchasing process Encryption. good crypto exchange Like multi-asset brokers Both allow users to register online. online available through the website and mobile app (mobile appHere’s how to register with the Capital for Beginners broker in 2022:

  1. First, you can enable an alternative VPN. settings DNS cloud flare here we have settings With DNS, VPNs are no longer needed. In fact, Cloudflare DNS is preferred as it makes internet access safer and faster. You can search the Internet for a method. settings DNS Cloudflare
  2. Visit the Capital website or Click this link.
  3. You will see the Capital website page displayed, just select “Trade Now”.
  4. Continue by entering your email address and password Click Continue.
  5. Go through the email verification process. Please check your inbox (mailbox).

now, Before you enter the deposit process Please complete your account profile first and then complete and attach (uploaded) Identity documents Actually, you can go directly to the deposit section. Only trading activities will be more restricted.

3. Make a deposit

before knowing how to buy EncryptionIt is important to make a deposit or make your first deposit. This deposit is your initial capital to start activities. trade Or investing in crypto because is a platform. online diversified assets Of course, you can use your funds in a large number of instruments or create a more diversified portfolio. In addition, the minimum deposit amount in the capital is reduced to $20 or approximately IDR 300,000 (originally $100). Here are the steps. For deposits at

  1. log in or sign in to account
  2. Click the Deposit menu. or choose to deposit money into your account
  3. Choose a payment method. recommended to use online banking Because it’s easier and faster.
  4. Enter a small deposit like $20, then just click Continue.
  5. You will see the Global Payment Solution page displayed.
  6. Please select bank transfer (virtual account), then click the CIMB Niaga option. This explains that you will transfer the deposit amount to your CIMB Niaga account from the capital. After that please click continue.
  7. You will see a display for IDR Deposit VA, which ranges from the account number to the deposit amount converted to Rupiah. Coincidentally, at the time of writing this article, $20 equals Rp306,436.
  8. Here we will transfer to your CIMB Niaga account via mobile banking BCA is ours You can see the instructions provided just by following the steps. You can also transfer via GoPay and OVO.
  9. After completing the transfer of Rp306,436 via BCA m-banking to your CIMB Niaga account, the last step is to confirm by selecting “I paid”

4. Make a purchase digital currency

Here are the steps of how to buy. Encryption In the capital, the process is very simple. Please select the trading menu and search for crypto assets to buy. You can also type Encryption desired in the search menu: eg Bitcoin. After that, the Bitcoin/USD paired crypto currency will be displayed, then click Buy.

Please follow the steps including filling in the amount of BTC crypto coins to buy which can be adjusted according to your capital. another trade Encryption that a brokerage can use leverage, especially for Encryption A 20:1 ratio is often used. It is important to understand that using leverage It is very useful to increase trading positions. but it’s a concept trade With debt. So understand the risks too.

final view

goodThat’s information on how to buy. Encryption For beginners in 2022, especially through the broker, it starts with the process of choosing a broker/trading platform. registration process Deposit procedure and finally the purchase process Capital is an ideal choice for investment and trading. digital money, Even if you have other options like apps. crypto exchange platform exchange The most popular or best in the world such as Binance and Coinbase while there are 13. exchange In Indonesia registered with CoFTRA such as Tokocrypto, Pintu, Indodax, My Account, etc.

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