– Maybe you already know enough how to buy stocks online. online in the Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX) or invest in TBK. Most of you probably accumulate a range of blue chip stocks that are known for their consistent dividend payouts. or your portfolio also includes several technology stocks and growth company High growth potential. Next question, have you invested in the best stocks in the world: conclude Amazon (AMZN), Tesla (TSLA), Meta (FB), Netflix (NFLX) and Alphabet or Google (GOOGL)? This is a guide for beginners. How to buy foreign stocks in 2022

Procedure for investing in foreign stocks

How to buy foreign stocks online online It’s quite easy by following these steps:

  1. Choose the best investment platform
  2. register
  3. Make an initial deposit (deposit)
  4. stock purchase process

1. Choose the best investment platform

In fact, there are many famous foreign stock brokers abroad, such as interactive brokers. However, this is not an easy operation and requires quite complex requirements. Therefore, very few investors and traders in Europe and America use multi-asset platforms such as Capital and eToro. Basically Capital and eToro. Not only stock instruments but also includes: Encryptioncommodities, gold, exchange rateand CFDs.

So what are the advantages of eToro and Capital? First of all, the registration process and requirements are much simpler. Second, small deposits are relatively inexpensive. Then the existing fraction (fraction) which allows retail investors to buy foreign shares with fractions less than 1 share, such as 0.1, etc.

Why is this important? This is because the stock prices of foreign companies per share are quite high. For example, today’s stock price of Amazon (AMZN) is $3,000 per share. with facilities fractionYou can invest pro-rata by adjusting the initial capital. For example, equity brokers require a minimum deposit of $100 or IDR 1.4 million. now,Let’s say you want to spend 1 million Indonesian Rupiahs to buy Amazon stock, so you will have approximately 0.023 AMZN discs.

2. Register (sign)

Buying foreign stocks with Capital and eToro is easier as they can also be done online. online through a web platform and a mobile app (mobile app) This platform doesn’t ask for complicated requirements either. Even then, accessing the website is like many applications. trade and other foreign investments Indonesian investors need VPN help. However, there is an alternative without VPN, with. settings Cloudlfalre DNS on your network The advantage of using Cloudflare DNS is that browsing access is faster and more secure. as well as being able to access more sites

So how to start investing in foreign stocks through eToro and Capital? In general, the registration process on both platforms is almost the same. We provide an example of how to register with Capital to buy foreign stocks online. onlinewhich are as follows

  1. First, enable VPN or better. settings DNS Cloudflare
  2. Visit the Capital com website or register here. register here
  3. The equity web page will appear, then click “Trade Now”.
  4. Please fill out the registration form. Capital registration page
  5. Be sure to complete your account profile.
  6. Finally, verify your email.

3. Make an initial deposit (deposit)

before buying foreign stocks You must have start-up capital, here Capital set your initial capital deposit amount of at least $100 or IDR 1.4 million (Update: deposit via bank transfer only $20 or IDR 300,000). The investment is as follows:

  1. Select the Account menu.
  2. Click Deposit
  3. Choose a payment method Able to transfer money via bank

4. The process of buying shares

After completing the deposit process The final step of the offshore stock investment process is to buy stocks of your choice. Capital com stocks a wide range of large or global stocks from various exchanges, including the Nasdag, NYSE, and others. market capitalization such as Tesla (TSLA), Amazon (AMZN), etc., as well as promising technology stocks.

final view

now,That is the process or procedure for buying foreign stocks online. online easy to pass platform trade the best multiple assets such as capital You can also try it through eToro. The steps are almost the same. The advantage of using the Capital and/or eToro applications is that in addition to the fractional share (fraction) You can also invest and trade in other instruments such as assets digital currency, forex, gold, commodities, etc. With a starting capital of just Rp 1 million, you can buy various types of financial assets. in one application

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