As we know, some time ago at the May 20 2024 event, Microsoft announced that AI Explorer in Windows 11 Officially Debuts with the Name Recall where recall can help users find any activity (such as documents, images, websites, messages, emails, applications, and others) that users have performed on devices using the AII model running locally on the Windows 11 system.

Technically, the Recall feature will continue to be retrieved snapshots of everything that happens on the screen and can even record sensitive information such as passwords, personal videos and much more. And even though according to Microsoft everything is processed locally, of course many are worried about privacy and security issues.

Apart from privacy, another problem is that this feature makes a lot of use storage resources According to Microsoft, storing snapshots for 3 months should require around 25GB with a recommendation of 50GB of available free storage. For the new Copilot+ PC device, the storage problem should actually not be a problem, but of course for some users it is quite detrimental because the SSD write cycle will be increasingly drained, which can reduce the lifespan of the SSD.

So can this feature be turned off? The answer is of course yes, guys, where Microsoft also explains how to turn this feature off temporarily and permanently, and here are the short steps.

Temporarily turning off the Recall feature in Windows 11

Step 1. First click the button Recall in the Windows 11 Taskbar / System Tray.

Step 2. Click on the button Pause until tomorrow

After that, Recall no longer picks up snapshots temporarily until you reactivate it or until a predetermined time.

Permanently Turning Off the Recall Feature in Windows 11

step 1. First, please go to the Settings > Privacy & security > Recall & snapshot page.

Step 2. Next, please turn off the option Save snapshots as marked above.

After that, the Recall feature will be disabled and will no longer take snapshots of every activity the user performs.

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>> Please remember, this feature itself will be available for Copilot+ PC devices which are planned to be available on June 18 2024. So if the device does not support it, this feature will not be available on Windows 11 system.

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