Windows 11 version 24H2 which is planned to be available this year will apparently bring major updates for developers, this is because there will be improvements in the performance of system files in the Dev Drive which will allow developers to carry out operations copying large files almost instantly.

In fact, in some scenarios, developers will see speed improvements of up to 94% from launch File System Block Cloning for this Dev Drive.

And here are benchmark examples and comparisons of feature benefits File System Block Cloning published by Microsoft:

Dev Drive with Block Cloning Improvements
10GB files 7s 964ms 641ms 92%
1GB files 681ms 38ms 94%
1MB files 11ms 9ms 18%
18GB folders (5.8K files) 30s 867ms 6s 306ms 80%

Apart from that, Microsoft also revealed several improvements to the Dev Home application which it includes Environments section New tool for managing Hyper-V virtual machines and Microsoft Dev Box in the Cloud.

And besides that, developers can also create environment, take snapshots, running and turning off virtual machines, pinning to the taskbar or start menu and others. Then what is most interesting is that several WSL and PowerToys features are present in Dev Home, allowing developers to access WSL from tabs envoroment and using the PowerToys host file editor and other PowerToys tools.

For developers working with Dev Drive, this is certainly an interesting improvement because with the improved performance of Dev Drive, many new supports are also provided for the Dev Home application.

You can see information regarding improvements and details on the page followingand keep in mind that all these improvements are planned to come to Windows 11 24H2, so just wait guys.

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